The Truth About Cancer

Cancer Cures are Being Suppressed

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski is a medical doctor with a Ph.D in biochemstry.  In the 1970’s he developed a gene-targeted cancer treatment that has successfully cured a number of “incurable” cancers.  Yet instead of winning a Nobel Prize, Dr. Burzinsky was ruthlessly attacked by our own Food & Drug Administration.

There are two films documenting his work.  Both can be found at:

The earlier film is MUCH better, though harder to find for free (i.e. Netflix).  The second film, in my opinion, spends way too much time interviewing just a few families and not enough time on the scientific, legal and business issues.

Everyone in America needs to see these films to understand:

(a) that SAFE cures for cancer have existed for DECADES

(b) WHY these treatments are SUPPRESSED, leaving millions to die unnecessarily

This film is not conspiracy theory sensationalism.  It is just the facts. . . facts that will astonish and enrage you.

And think about this: It doesn’t take a conspiracy nut to figure out the following logic: If you were making tons of money, wouldn’t you do just about anything to keep making all that money.  Including eliminating any threats to your livelihood? (See the film Who Killed the Electric Car for another example.)

It’s despicable, but it’s also just that simple.


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